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What is the best time to visit Uganda?

No, Even during the rainy times (March – June and October – November) it may rain for only one or two hours before the sun shines again. It rarely gets cold, but it is wise to carry lightweight rain gear in the rainy season. It can get cold at night (especially in high areas such as Sipi / Mount Elgon, the Rwenzoris and Kisoro / Kabale) so bring a light jumper or a scarf.

What other expenditures should I expect after quoted safaris costs.

Unless otherwise stated, tour prices quoted are ex-Kampala and include transport with fuel and driver/guide, accommodation, meals on safari, National Park and activity fees associated with your journey.

Clients will be directly responsible for charges to/from Uganda, Visa fees if applicable, airport transfers, meals and accommodation in Kampala, transport in and around Kampala, supplemental activities not included in the journey, refreshments and beverages (between mealtime snacks, alcohol, other refreshments), personal items (porterage, phone calls and souvenirs), tips and gratuities. Coffee and tea are usually available with meals in up-country properties and drinking water may be provided. It is advisable to always check what is included in menu prices.

How do I pay for my safaris?

Most of our clients pay by wire transfers or credit card. Bank details are accessible upon request. With Managers’ approval, credit card payments can be made, but please note there is a 7-9% surcharge. In Kampala cash payments are accepted in any foreign exchangeable currency and in Uganda Shillings. Note: it can be difficult to withdraw huge amounts of cash in Kampala (and even more so upcountry).

What deposit do I need to pay for my safaris?

Gorilla tracking safaris require a deposit of US$600 per permit to secure a permit. For all other safaris, a 50% deposit is required 10 weeks before intended leaving time or at the time of reservation with the balance to be settled 30 days past the beginning of the tour.

How far in advance do I need to book a gorilla permit?

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Book as far in advance as you can to avoid dissatisfaction. Permits are sold up to 2 years in advance!

What should I wear when gorilla tracking?

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We suggest: a breathable and lightweight rain jacket or shawl, a warm jacket or fleece for cloudy days and evening, long-sleeved shirt and trousers, strong waterproof walking boots (seasoned or well worn footgear), leather gardening like gloves, sunscreen, cap or sun hat, sunglasses, insect repellent, comfortable day pack for carrying water and minimum amount of personal items. Cameras and video cameras are allowed, but bring film and batteries from Kampala.

How much time should I expect to spend in the vehicle in any one day?

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The longest day of travel is for a three-day gorilla tour and this can be up to nine hours in a car.  During this journey numerous stops will be made, including a visit to the Equator, a stop for lunch, and other stops for refreshments and other facilities. Most journeys will not need any more than five hours in a car in one day. Again many stops are made to ensure your comfort.

Is Uganda safe?

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Rare security problems may arise as in any other developing country.  Pearl of Africa Tours and Travel maintains current information on all parts of the Country and will advise Clients accordingly at the time of booking if any risks appear to be present. Basic safety measures should be taken, as in all countries, and common sense should be used. It is not advised to parade expensive jewelry, leave bags unattended or leave money lying around. Generally, Uganda is considered to be a safe and very welcoming country.